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    UPL launches advanced clethodim production plant in India

    Recently, UPL announced the opening of its most advanced clethodim production plant in Jhagadia, Gujarat, India. Clethodim is one of the selective post-emergence herbicides widely used worldwide for controlling annual and perennial grass weeds in a variety of crops. In February 2019, UPL completed the acquisition of Arysta. Since then, clethodim has been included in the UPL product portfolio. After 20 months of business integration, UPL’s vision of expanding its internal production capacity has officially become a reality.

    Diego Lopez Casanello, UPL's global chief operating officer, said that adding Jhagadia production facilities to UPL's global manufacturing base network shows that they can act quickly and quickly provide agricultural solutions that trouble farmers.

    The development of clethodim aims to provide safe and effective solutions to enhance farmers' flexibility in the planting process and meet their demand for increasing yields, because many weeds have become resistant to the main herbicide glyphosate. This investment has greatly improved UPL’s competitiveness and strengthened its market leadership in this key molecule.

    Raj Tiwari, the global head of UPL supply chain, said that UPL hopes to support the growing demand by increasing the production of clethodim. While conducting internal manufacturing and production, they will continue to use the strategic partnerships they have established for external purchases to meet A key component of the global grower demand strategy.

    The production facility is fully automated and controlled by DCS, including the latest process technology in the chemical industry. By achieving internal production, UPL will use its manufacturing capacity and cost leadership to supply clethodim to farmers and their crops in more regions. The production facility will create more than 150 new jobs and is now fully operational. UPL plans to continue to increase productivity in the coming weeks and months.

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