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    Things we should know when Copper Formulation Mix with other Pesticide.

    There are various diseases during the growth of crops, among which bacteria and fungi are the main sources of diseases. Copper formulation are an important type in fungicides. They both kill bacteria and fungi, and are already an irreplaceable ingredient for control Canker disease. Copper formulation are often used by farmers to mix with other pesticides and leaf fertilizers, but they are very prone to phytotoxicity,  there are two principles must be mastered when mixing.

    Under normal circumstances, copper formulations cannot be mixed with pesticides containing "metal element" or foliar fertilizers containing "metal element", such as mancozeb, mancozeb, thiram, etc. or drugs containing these ingredients. Because the two will have a chemical reaction, causing the sedimentation of the colloidal suspension and suspending agent, changing the efficacy or causing phytotoxicity. However, some organic copper formulations are relatively stable and can be mixed with other metal-containing drugs.
    Most copper formulations cannot be mixed with thiophanate-methyl (thiophanate methyl), carbendazim and pesticides containing ethiprocarb. If it changes color, produces bubbles, produces precipitation, or changes in colloidal suspension, chemical reaction phenomena such as liquid layering occur after mixing, once these phenomena occur, they cannot be mixed.

    Copper Chlorideoxide
    Also known as copper oxychloride, basic copper chloride, it can be mixed with many fungicides and insecticides. Prevents and cures vegetable brown spot, bacterial leaf blight, anthracnose, bacterial angular spot disease and other diseases; Chunlei·wangtong mixed with kasugamycin is often used to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases, and has significant effects.

    Copper Calcium Sulfate
    It belongs to the complex state copper calcium sulfate. Its unique copper ion and calcium ion macromolecular complex ensures the slow and long-lasting release of copper ion, sterilization and calcium supplement, killing two birds with one stone.

    Copper pinoresinate
    It is not easy to produce phytotoxicity, and can be mixed with a variety of fungicides. Copper rosinate is a protective organic copper bactericide, with special additives added, which has a long-lasting effect and fast sterilization. By releasing copper ions and exchange with K+ and M+ on the surface of the pathogen cell membrane, the protein on the pathogen cell membrane is solidified . It also forms a protective film on the surface of the crop, which has the functions of protecting, curing and eradicating fungi, bacteria and diseases, and can be used to prevent canker disease of fruit trees.

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