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    What's the right way to use Abamectin!

    Abamectin is a sixteen-membered macrolide with strong insecticidal, acaricidal and nematicidal activity, and is a dual-use antibiotic for agriculture and livestock.
    Broad spectrum, high efficiency and safety. It has stomach poisoning and contact killing effect and cannot kill eggs. Its mechanism of action is to interfere with neurophysiological activity and affect the chloride conduction of cell membranes, and aminobutyric acid is its site of action.
    When the drug stimulates the site of action, it blocks the transmission process of motor nerve information, so that the signal of the central nervous system of the pest is continuously received by the motor neuron. The pest quickly paralyzes, refuses to eat, moves slowly or does not move within a few hours, because it does not cause Insects are dehydrated rapidly, so the lethal effect is slow, and they usually die after 24 days.
    How to use abamectin
    1. To control Plutella xylostella and Pieris rapae, use 1000-1500 times of 2% abamectin EC + 1000 times of 1% emamectin benzoate in the young larvae stage, which can effectively control its damage. The effect is still 90-95%, and the control effect against Pieris rapae can reach more than 95%.
    2. To prevent and control insects such as golden moth, leaf miner, leaf miner, Liriomyza sativae and vegetable whitefly, use 3000-5000 times 1.8% abamectin EC+1000 during the egg hatching period and larvae period Become chlorine spray, the control effect is still more than 90% 7-10 days after medicine.
    3. To control beet armyworm, use 1000 times 1.8% abamectin EC, and the control effect is still more than 90% 7-10 days after treatment.
    4. To control spider mites, gall mites, tea yellow mites and various resistant aphids in fruit trees, vegetables, food and other crops, use 4000-6000 times 1.8% abamectin EC spray.
    5. To prevent and control vegetable root knot nematode disease, use 500 ml per mu, and the control effect can reach 80-90%.

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