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    Fake pesticide involve in 310 million yuan, have flowed across the country!

    On May 13, 2020, the Public Security Bureau of Daxinganling District, Heilongjiang Province received a report that a batch of fake and inferior "Di Cao Kuai" herbicides pretending to be produced by a Hebei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. had been sold to the Daxinganling Jiagedaqi District.

    After testing, the batch of "Dicuokuai" herbicides did not meet the national standards and contained "paraquat" ingredients, which were fake and inferior "Dicuokuai" herbicides.

    The Regional Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force. After 6 months of careful investigation, the counterfeit production and sales gang headed by Yin Moutao in a city in Henan Province and the counterfeit production and sales gang headed by Zhao Modan in a city in Henan Province were finally found out. And all the criminal facts of the counterfeit gang headed by Pan Moufeng in a certain city in Heilongjiang Province.

    On December 12, 2020, under the unified command of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Department of Public Security, 3 counterfeit production and sales gangs were destroyed, 16 suspects such as Pan Moufeng, Zhao Moudan, and Yin Moutao were arrested, and the counterfeit dens were destroyed. 4 locations, 7 storage warehouses, and 53 counterfeit equipment of various types were seized. Seized 8310 boxes of fake and inferior finished pesticides, 756,701 trademarks of various fake and inferior pesticides, 25,353 boxes of various fake and inferior pesticides, 186,046 bottles of various kinds of pesticides, 7506 kg of finished liquid medicine, 96 barrels of counterfeit raw materials, and 409 bags of counterfeit materials. There are several tools, involving more than 310 million yuan.

    At present, the aforementioned 16 suspects have been taken criminal compulsory measures, and the case is under further work.

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