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    Nissan Chemical acquires Corteva's mancozeb fungicide product line in Japan and Korea

    Recently, Nissan Chemical announced the acquisition of its mancozeb fungicide product lines in Japan and South Korea from Corteva. Mancozeb is a protective fungicide with significant efficacy against a variety of plant pathogens. It is mainly used by growers in Asia and South America. Corteva sells it under the brand name DITHANE®. Protective fungicides prevent pathogens from invading plant cells by staying on the surface of plants. Therefore, such fungicides usually show the best efficacy in preventive applications. In Japan, farmers have been using the product "ZIMANDITHANE™", which is mainly used in fruit trees such as apples and citrus, and the fungicide named "GREENDITHANE™", which is mainly used in field crops such as potatoes. The sales of the two product lines are one of the products with the highest share in the Japanese protective biocide market. The market value of protective fungicides in Japan is estimated at 16.5 billion yen (manufacturer's sales price level). Nissan Chemical stated that the acquired mancozeb and its patented products such as the recently launched insecticide product "GRACIA" are expected to become the cornerstone of Nissan Chemical’s agrochemical department. The agrochemical department is Nissan’s main source of profit. Its product categories to expand the business

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